From Last Version

It has been about 2 years since my last version of blog went down. Every time I wanted to write something during this period, I couldn’t find an appropriate platform, which in fact urged me to build a new blog as soon as possible. But the question of through what method remains.

I built my last blog using wordpress. Due to various reasons, it wasn’t secure enough, and could only demonstrate limited content. Finally it was brought down because of improper management by me (To be frank, I wasn’t even able to redirect all http requests to corresponding https when it was brought down…). I wrote a lot of stuff at that moment, but few of them seems mature enough from my present perspective, and therefore I don’t plan to migrate those content here.

So that approach should I take to build this new blog? There are a lot of options, including using an existing platform, manually write HTML, or use some nice frameworks like vue or react. However these approaches have their own disadvantages. If I chose to use an existing platform, the platform would have unlimited rights of my content (according to those stupid Terms and Conditions), which is something I wouldn’t like to see. After all, I build this blog to share things, but definitely not for commercial purposes. Regarding manually writing HTML and using frameworks… it would be a pain to write posts for the former approach, while the latter is a bit overkill… so I took my friend Leo’s advice: use a static web generator like Hugo. So be it! And that’s why you can see this page.

About Contents

Long long ago, I wanted to build a blog that only discusses technologies. But ever since I experienced a relationship that is more bitter than sweet, made some friends that are a bit admirable, gone through several things that are not all pleasing, and travelled to places to find things interesting during university, I changed my opinions on a lot of things, and these made the blog more comprehensive instead of being dull and dry. If something pleasant could occur to you when you read my posts, it will be my pleasure!😆

After all, the blog contains things like:

  • Photography

    • I enjoy taking photos, especially landscape photos. But I am shifitng some of my focus to “People”, too, meaning that I am doing portrait shooting now. Photography is some sort of self-expressing to me. I went through a lot of problems that could be avoided when I started, so I’m buiding this section not only to share my works and ideas but also experiences to help people like me avoid those avoidable mistakes. I am currently using Nikon D850.
  • Computer Science

    • How could a CS major student not write things about CS! 😏I’m just joking. It’s actually about recording things. I found that one could easily forget details in Computer Science, and if one has some sort of “notebook” with him or her, it would be a lot easier to revisit those knowledge!
  • Creative Works

    • In my 10s, I always thought things like music, books and movies make nonsense. Why wouldn’t they just say something literally if they need to say something? Is it a must to use those “stupid” metaphors or analogy? Only until recent years did I realize that it’s not that they “must” use these methods, but rather they “have to” because they want to present their ideas closer to the origins in their mind. Knowing these has made me half a creator, and in this blog I will be trying to do some comments or analysis for some of those creative works.
  • My Creativities

    • In very few occasions, I write novels, to express my opinions. In even rarer occasions, I do DIY stuffs and painting, and I might share them here.
  • Being Emotional

    • In one of those nights, sitting alone besides the window, seeing the neon-lights of the city going dimmer and dimmer, a slice of melancholy rises from the deep. It has been there always, but only felt now.

Regarding Myself

I am a strange person. People like me like me a lot, making me very flattered and self-suspecious. What is stranger? I like people who like me even more than they do! Thus I am surronded by people who like me, claiming that they like more than I do. Is this Aiden’s Infinite Ascent??

I’m just kidding. But I do have some niche hobbies and ideas. If you would like to chat with me, please do send me an email! You can find my email address at home page.